Model 2610 Low-Profile Conveyors

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Sudenga Industries pioneered this unique concept in drag chain conveyors. These innovative low-profile conveyors feature big capacity with the advantage of minimized installation cost and the long term durability of drag conveyors. The Model 2610 is rated at capacities to 7500 BPH and the Model 4012 will handle up to 10,000 BPH (corn). The Model 2610 only requires a trench that is 16 inches deep, while the 4012 requires a trench 18 inches in depth. Great in retrofit applications where space or ground water is an issue. Originally developed to feed bucket elevators from shallow drive over pits, thousands of applications later these units can be found loading out to semi-trailers or returning grain to the leg from a low clearance loadout. Interchangeable hopper gratings and bridge sections allow for custom intake configurations.

Standard Features


3000, 5000, and 7000 BPH unloading rates

16" deep trench open at both ends for drainage

10 ga. galvanized horizontal and inclined trunking

10 ga. painted head, 45° corner, and tail sections

Commercial duty shaft mount, gear reducer

1-15/16" shaft and 8-tooth sprocket in head/tail sections

Single or double D81X chain with polyethylene paddles

11-1/2" deck height

Intake grates and solid drive over covers can be repositioned for full width, center, or side discharge situations

12" x 12" outlet to the elevator leg

Conveyors require a trough 32" wide and 16" deep

Interchangeable intake grating and solid cover let you set up (and change) the intake area on the conveyor for your particular requirements. You can have an open intake all the way across the drive over area, a center intake for trailers and tricks, or a side intake for wagons. Solid covers used where tires cross the conveyor help keep mud, trash, etc. out of grain.



Neck Dimensions
Inclined Trunk Length Discharge Height Horizontal Length
13' 9'-11" 14'-8"
12' 9'-3" 14'
11' 8'-6" 13'-3"
10' 7'-10" 12'-7"
9' 7'-1" 11'-10"
8' 6'-5" 11'-2"
7' 5'-8" 10'-5"
6' 5' 9'-9"
5' 4'-5" 9'
4' 3'-7" 8'-4"
3' 2'-10" 7'-7"
2' 2'-2" 6'-11"
1' 1'-5" 6'-3"
0' 9" 5'-6"