D Series Commercial Sweeps

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The "D" Series Sweeps (D100 and D150) are engineered zero-entry commercial grain sweeps for grain depths of up to 150 feet. The sweeps lead with the flighting for a “full-bite” in tough, stubborn grain.

True Zero Entry: Danger of engulfment exists whenever there is grain present and personnel enter the bin.  A sweep that requires entry to power up or move grain and manually raise the sweep off the floor before it can be engaged, creates a bin entry situation when grain is in its most dangerous inverted cone state. The "D" Series Sweeps are designed with a patent pending self-raising and lowering feature eliminating the need for personnel to prep the sweep prior to filling the bin or engaging the sweep. When equipped with the Sudenga's patented above floor collector ring, the sweep can be permanently wired to ensure power is always at the sweep when ready for use.  U.S. Pat. No. 8,616,823

The most advanced sweep controls in the industry allow the sweep to self-monitor, keeping personnel out of the bin during sweep operation. The sweep advances, stops or reverses based on operator defined sweep fill level, ensuring the sweep empties the bin at an optimum rate.  Automatic controls can also be overridden from outside the bin if necessary.

Grain is not always in free flowing condition and the Sudenga "D" Series Sweeps have been designed to give the operator a fighting chance of moving it. Grain is aggressively attacked by the sweep as it leads with the auger and has no front wheels to restrict advancement into the grain pile.


Model Flight Diameter Capacity (dry corn) Bin Diameter Max Bin Height


11¼” 6,000 BPH 36-105 ft. 100 ft.


11¼” & 16” 6,000/10,000 BPH 36-136 ft. 150 ft.




Trac Drive or Tractor Drive Options. Both trac drive and tractor drive offer positive forward and reverse movement in grain. The drives rest on the bin floor under grain weight and self-raise for operation as the gates remove grain over and around them. No need to enter the bin to prep the sweep. The weight of the sweep and backshield are carried by the tractor for maximum traction. No need for dryer floor reinforcement track.

Sweep Extensions. Four sweep extensions and backshields are supplied to allow 3” to 21” of sweep extension in 3” increments. The sweep length is adjusted after installation to make the shortest sweep-to-wall gap in bins that are out of round or have off-center sweep pivots. Extend the sweep as close to bin wall as possible.


Clean Sweep. Clean Sweep is standard on all Sweeps. Nylon bristles contact the floor, dramatically reducing the amount of manual sweeping required after bin unloading.


Auto Advance. Auto Advance controls sweep movement by monitoring the sweep motor amperage. When excessive amperage is detected, the Auto Advance stops the Sweep Drive. When enough grain is carried away to lower the amperage, the Drive unit restarts. A reverse feature senses grain avalanches and backs the sweep up.


Spring Loaded Suspension. The “D” Series Sweeps have spring-loaded suspensions that automatically, under grain weight, settle the system on skids to protect the sweep and bin floor when the bin is filled. When grain weight is removed, the springs raise the sweeps and tractors to operating height. The tractor carries the sweep during operation, ensuring proper sweep advancement.


No need to enter the bin. Sweeps with the Sudenga above-floor Collector Ring option are as close to Zero-
Entry as possible in normal sweep operation. The patented above floor mounted collector ring makes wiring permanent and requires less center sump depth.  -  U.S. Pat. No. 8,616,823

Available in electric or hydraulic drive formats

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Ask your bin manufacturer if your bin is capable of being unloaded in a single pass. Inquire about the Sudenga Extend-A-Sweep if dual pass is required.


Sudenga's D150 Sweep in a 105' dia. bin

16" diameter sweep auger aggressively moves even clumped or out of condition grain.

Clean floor kit leaves little grain behind. Tall backshield keeps grain in front of sweep.