Grain Bin - Commercial

Sudenga Industries excels in providing engineered bin unolading systems for the toughest commercial applications. Recognized as an industry leader in the highly-specialized field of flat bottom bin grain reclamation, Sudengas has developed a wide range of reclaim systems that can be tailored to an entire spectrum of application requirements. New designs with the latest technology are constantly being introduced and prototyped. We are constantly involved in research and development to be able to offer our customers the best solutions to their storage and reclaim problems.

  • D Series Commercial Sweeps

    D Series Commercial Sweeps

    The zero-entry "D" Series sweeps from Sudenga Industries are engineered to hande the most demanding environments at the bottom of grain bins up to 150' tall. Available with motorized push tractor or track drive options.

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  • Commercial Under Bin Systems

    Commercial Under Bin Systems

    Durable but economical, commercial underbin auger systems are available in diameters of 8", 10", and 12".  Systems offer center and intermediate sumps, control rods, and bin wall plates. Complete systems for concrete and dryer floor applications.

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  • Commercial Unloading Heads

    Commercial Unloading Heads

    Flange mount Horizontal, 27° Incline or Double Drive Vertical style head sections available. All include necessary tubes, flights, motor mount, belt(s), belt guard, pulley(s), and connector shafts. 27° Inclines feature an oversized transition boot with heavy knuckle and bronze hanger bearing for maximum capacity and reliable service.

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  • Series I Commercial Bin Sweeps

    Series I Commercial Bin Sweeps

    Series I commercial sweeps for bins to 80' dia. are available in 8", 10", and 12" sizes. Capacities from 2050 to 5900 BPH. The Series I is the economical workhorse of Sudenga's line of commercial sweeps.

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  • Motorized Sweep Push Tractor

    Motorized Sweep Push Tractor

    Keep personnel out of the grain bin!  Motorized push tractors are standard equipment on most Sudenga commercial sweeps, but can also be purchased for retrofit applications of sweeps in the field.

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  • Extend-A-Sweep


    A zero entry sweep for grain bins to 150+ feet in diameter!  The Sudenga Extend-A-Sweep is the most innovative commercial bin sweep on the market today!  Core the bin on the first pass and sweep extends to the wall on the second pass.  Extending sweep can even sweep square or rectangular floors!

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