T Series

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The “T” Series feed truck from Sudenga features a proven design at a reasonable price. It's discharge augers are designed to go through low doors and reach medium height bins. The U-trough bottom auger offers better cleanout and more capacity than “vee” type bottoms. The Pos-A-Flo auger system lets feed free fall from one auger to the next, no forcing or pounding of pellets.

Unload speed: 2,000 pounds per minute     Capacities: 272-486 cubic feet


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Body Features

  • All-welded 12 ga. body construction.
  • Individual compartment shut-off gates.
  • Extra wide fenders for hauling bagged feed. 
  • Weather tight vinyl-coated nylon tarp top.
  • All ICC required lights and reflectors.
  • Bumpers and mudflaps.


Auger/Hydraulics Systems

  • 8”-9”-8” auger system - 2,000 lb/min unloading rate.
  • 250° rotation on discharge auger.
  • Hydraulic raise and rotate on discharge auger.
  • Variable speed U-trough floor auger with rear pit discharge feature.
  • Direct couple tandem pumps and orbit type auger motors. 30 gallon reservoir with filter.



Sudenga offers a wide variety of options and accessories for our trucks and trailers that allow you to maximize efficiency and build the bulk body you've always wanted. View the options portion of our catalog as well as some videos on our Bulk Feed Tranport Options Page.
Option availability varies by model.



  W5T10 W6T12 W7T14 W8T16
A - Body Length 10' 12' 14' 16'
B - Overall Length 12' 14' 16' 18'
C - Overall Height 7'4" 7'2" 7' 6'11"
Body Weight (lbs.)1 3,950 4,190 4,420 4,650
Cab-to-Axle2 85" 85"-102" 102"-124" 138"
Compartments 2 3 3 3

1 - Body weights are approximates and will vary with optional equipment.

2 - Cab-to-axle figures are only recommendations developed from trucks commonly used by our customers. We cannot guarantee their accuracy in all situations.  Consult your truck dealer for chassis recommendations.



  W5T10 W6T12 W7T14 W8T16
Capacity - cu. ft. 272-305 325-365 380-427 433-486
Capacity - ton3 4.9-5.5 5.8-6.5 6.8-7.7 7.8-8.7

2 - Figured using 36 pounds per cubic foot. Use our feed density calculator to get an accurate measurement for your feed.

Options (Availability varies by model)