ST Series

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The ST Series twin screw feed truck features two floor augers that allow for a lower body height and increased stability since more of the load is closer to the frame. The steep 45 degree sloped sides make for quick unloading and the large lower body means more capacity. The ST Series feed truck is available with a 10"-8" (1,800 lbs/min) auger system or 12"-10" (3,500 lbs/min) auger system.

Unload speed: 3,500 pounds per minute      Capacities: 403-1,019 cubic feet


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Standard Features

Twin floor augers providing large capacities

Low body height and low center of gravity giving increased stability

Steep 45° sloped sides for fast unloading and thorough clean out



12 ga., all-continuous welded construction

Individual compartment shut-off controls

Your choice of fitted tarp, Shur-Lok roll tarp, or steel top with manual crank, air, or electric-over-air lid opener

Wide fenders for hauling bagged feed

Weather tight, vinyl coated nylon tarp top

All ICC required lights and reflectors

Bumpers and mud flaps

Auger and Hydraulic System:

Twin 6" floor augers, 10" cross and vertical augers, and an 8" discharge auger with hanger bearings on 8' intervals

1800 lb/min unloading rate

Hydraulic raise and rotate (270°) on discharge auger

Worm drive rotation for discharge auger with controls located at the driver's door

Reversible floor augers for rear pit discharge on front unload models

Direct couple tandem pumps

Orbit type auger motors

29-gallon reservoir with filter





Hydraulic gates; rack and pinion on 12"-10" augers

Higher body sides

Extra compartments

Tire disinfectant system for disease control

Reservoir heaters

Live power clutch pump

Air wand for compartment clean out

Front mount flush tank

Side curtains for bagged feed

Fold down side catwalk

Catwalk over cab

Auger and Hydraulic System:

12"-10" system- 3500 lb/min unloading rate

Automatic speed control- matches bottom auger to vertical, allowing a variety of material to be conveyed without plugging (standard on 12"-10" auger systems only)

Worm drive rotation

Remote control auger on/off

Electric/hydraulic controls

Morse cable control

Multi-function radio control- auger operation, discharge auger positioning, spotlights, and lid opening/closing

4', 6', 8', and 10' extensions augers

Pressure activated unloading system shut-off





Auger Length Discharge Height
14' 19'-6"
16' 21'
18' 22'-6"
20' 24'
22' 25'-6"
24' 27'
26' 28'-6"
28' 30'
30' * 31'-6"
32' * 33'
34' * 34'-6"

* 10" discharge tube only.


Models ST-912 ST-914 ST-916 ST-918 ST-920 ST-922 ST-924 ST-926
A- Body Length 12' 14' 16' 18' 20' 22' 24' 26'
B- Overall Length 14'-5" 16'-5" 18'-5" 20'-8" 22'-8" 24'-8" 26'-8" 28'-8"
Body Weight1 (lbs.) 4928 5336 5899 6325 6938 7563 8052 8486
Cab to Axle 108" 138" 120"* 144"* 186"* 180"** 180"** 198"***
No. of Compartments 2-3 3-4 3-4 3-4 4-5 4-6 4-6 5-6
Capacity (cu. ft.) 403 481 550 619 687 755 823 891
Capacity (ton) 8 9.6 11 12.4 13.7 15.1 16.5 17.8

1 Body weights are approximates and will vary with options selected.

* Center of tandem

** Cab to center of triple axle

*** Cab to center of quad axle

Cab to axle figures are only recommendations developed from trucks commonly used by our customers. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed in all situations. Consult your truck dealer for chassis recommendations.

Truck frame ratings of 2,800K RBM per rail and 18K front axles are recommended for bodies with 15 ton capacity or larger.

Air ride suspension is recommended for all tandem, triple, and quad axle chassis.

Bodies to be mounted on tractors must fit without stretching the frame.