Feed Trucks

Contact Sudenga Industries directly for more information on our line of Bulk Feed Trucks and Trailers.  Toll-free, 1-888-SUDENGA, or via the Contact Us link on this page.

  • Atlas NXT - High Capacity Feed Trucks

    Atlas NXT - High Capacity Feed Trucks

    NEW!  Tested to handle up to 8500 lbs/minute, average of 7000 lbs a minute, Atlas NXT from Sudenga Industries sets the standard for feed truck unload rates.

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  • “T” Series

    “T” Series

    With up to 3 compartments and a total capacity of over 8-1/2 tons (433 cu ft) this body features a single screw floor auger with 2000 lb/min unloading capacity. Additional features include extra-wide fenders with side curtains, in-cab auger control, and rack and pinion double seal gates.

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  • “ST” Series

    “ST” Series

    ST Series bodies feature greater capacity with up to 6 compartments and over 17 ton (891 cu/ft) capacity. Twin screw floor augers feature up to 3500 lb/min unloading capacities with front unload options available. Sloped sides ensure fast, positive flow and total clean out.

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  • “Big Boy” Series

    “Big Boy” Series

    Overhead or side discharge models available with up to 17-ton capacity (898 cu/ft) with five separate compartments. Unload auger system with a rated capacity of 2000 lb/min has 250 degree rotation on side discharge models. Overhead discharge models feature a 360 rotation.

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  • Aluminum “Big Boy” Series

    Aluminum “Big Boy” Series

    This aluminum body features a capacity of up to 1202 cu/ft with up to 6 compartments with an unload auger capacity of 2500 lb/min. Available with standard or high cube body styles. Aluminum bodies feature lighter weight for increased capacity while maintaining a rust free finish.

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  • Aluminum “ST” Series

    Aluminum “ST” Series

    With a total capacity of 1239 cu/ft and twin screw floor augers this aluminum body will resist rust and maintain a great finish. Standard and high cube models are available. The rear mounted unload auger with a rated capacity of 3500 lb/min travels within an easy to control 270 degree arc.

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  • Max-Flow


    The Max-Flow Series bulk feed bodies are designed to promote complete unloading of feed rations that have a tendency to bridge. 

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  • “G-300” Series

    “G-300” Series

    Ideal for smaller operations this body features a permanent mounting option or a "slip-in" style where the entire body can be removed and stored with minimal effort freeing up the truck for other jobs. Unloading capacity rated at 600-700 lb/min.

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  • Bulk Nitrate (ANFO) Bodies

    Bulk Nitrate (ANFO) Bodies

    At Sudenga's, we can design a specialized unit to work under the specific conditions present at your mining/blasting site.  All Sudenga products are heavy-duty, operate with ease and efficiency, and are easy to service and maintain.

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  • Container Shipped Bulk Bodies

    Container Shipped Bulk Bodies

    Sudenga's sea container shipped feed bodies are designed to minimize freight costs associated with international shipping by fitting in a standard sea container!

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  • NXT Feed Trucks

    NXT Feed Trucks

    NXT Feed Trucks and Trailers - Rear Unload - Single Floor Auger

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