Twin Screw Rear Unload

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Standard Features


3500 lb/min unloading rate

45° sloped sides for fast and thorough clean out

Low body height and low center of gravity increases stability



Low profile design

All welded aluminum tank, base and bulkheads

7 ga. aluminum lower U-trough

Shur-Lok roll tarp or aluminum tank lid with manual crank, air or electric-over-air opener

Upright (true) vertical auger

Individual, double seal rack and pinion gates (Pat. No. 5,658,116) with nylon roller guides

Full-length, extruded top opening

Air ride suspension

Midland ABS

NHSTA bumpers

Wood block hanger bearings on floor auger

Radial tires and fenders over tandems

All ICC required lights and reflectors


Auger and Hydraulic System:

8" floor augers, 12" cross auger, 12" upright vertical auger, and 10" discharge auger

Hydraulic raise and rotate for discharge auger positioning

270° discharge auger rotation

Rear mount control valves

Automatic speed control for floor augers, based on discharge auger pressure




Electric/hydraulic controls

Three-function radio control

Pressure activated shut-off on the unloading system (prevents over filling bins)

Standard or high cube body profiles

Extra compartment

Full-length fenders with side curtains

Wet kit and kit installation

Tire disinfectant system for disease control

Reservoir heater

Live power pump

Air wand for compartment clean out





Auger Length Standard Cube High Cube
28' 28'-9" 29'-3"
30' 30'-2" 30'-8"
32' 31'-7" 32'-1"


A- Body Length 24' 28' 32' 36' 40'
B- Overall Length 28'-6" 32'-6" 36'-6" 40'-6" 44'-6"
Kingpin to Center of Tandem 232" 280" 328" 376" 424"
Trailer Weight (lbs) 10,719 11,424 12,324 12,960 13,600
No. of Compartments 6 6 8 8 8
Capacity of Standard Cube (cu. ft.) 960 1120 1280 1440 1600
Capacity of High Cube (cu. ft.) 1050 1225 1400 1575 1750

NOTE: Height dimensions are figured with 11R22.5 tires. Changes in tire sizes will alter these dimensions. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Trailer weight will vary with options.