Single Screw Rear Unload

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The ideal blend of lightweight for maximum scaling and strong design for minimum maintenance makes Sudenga "Big Boy" trailers well crafted with features that make drivers happy because their job is easier and more efficient.


Standard Features



All welded, aluminum tank, base and bulkheads

Upright (true) vertical auger

Double seal rack and pinion gates (Pat. No. 5,658,116) with nylon roller guides

Shur-Lok roll tarp or aluminum tank lid with manual crank, air or electric-over-air opener

Air ride suspension

Midland ABS

NHSTA bumpers

Replaceable floor trough

-Your choice of 12 ga. steel, 7 ga. aluminum, or 10 ga. abrasion resistant material

Wood block hanger bearings on floor auger

Radial tires and fenders over the tandems

All ICC required lights and reflectors

One-piece, full length extruded top opening

Incandescent or LED lighting package


Auger and Hydraulic System:

10" floor trough, 12" cross auger, 12" upright vertical auger, 10" discharge auger

Hydraulic raise and rotate for the discharge auger with worm drive on the rotation

270° discharge auger rotation

Rear mounted control valves

Rear pit discharge on floor auger




Electric/hydraulic controls

Multi-function radio controls

Pressure activated shut-off in the unloading system

Lower U-trough available in 12 ga. galvanized steel, 7 ga. aluminum, or 10 ga. abrasion resistant steel

Standard, Compact or High Cube body profiles

Extra compartment

Full-length fenders with side curtains

Wet kit and wet kit installation

Tire disinfectant system for disease control

Reservoir heater

Live power pump

Air wand for compartment clean out

Turn signal floodlights

Tow hooks






Auger Length Compact Cube Body Standard Cube Body High Cube Body
28' 29'-1" 29'-5" 29'-11"
30' 30'-6" 30'-10" 31'-4"
32' 31'-11" 32'-3" 32'-9"
34' 33'-4" 33'-8" 34'-2"



A- Body Length 28' 32' 36' 40' 45'
B- Overall Length 33'-2" 37'-2" 41'-2" 45'-2" 50'-2"
Trailer Weight (lbs) 11,800 12,600 13,300 13,900 16,200
Kingpin to Center of Tandem 276" 324" 372" 420" 505" *
No. of Compartments 6 8 8 8 9
Capacity of Compact Cube (cu. ft.) 1015 1160 1305 1450 1631
Capacity of Standard Cube (cu. ft.) 1081 1236 1390 1544 1737
Capacity of High Cube (cu. ft.) 1208 1381 1554 1726 1942

* Triple axle. Dimension is to rear most axles; 54" axle spacing.

NOTE: Height dimensions are figured with 11R22.5 tires. Changes in tire size will alter these dimensions. All specifications are subject to change without notice.